Zbrush Insert Barrel Brush:

Zbrush Insert Barrel Brush: create barrels with ease! YAAAARRRR! Populate your pirate or fantasy scene quickly and easily! Model is polygrouped into separate parts and creased in areas that require sharper edges when subdividing. Available as “Pay What You Want”! That’s right – pay what you want. So whether you want to treat me to a cup of coffee ($5), a nice steak dinner ($20), or anything in between (including just taking it for free), it’s totally up to you. Every dollar goes straight back into creating more stuff for you guys, so the more you contribute, the more I’ll be able to create. Even the smallest amount means the world to me. Thank you SO much in advance for supporting my work. - Claudio Don't forget to visit my site and sign up for updates on upcoming new content: http://www.claudiosetti.com
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