ZBrush Beginner Quick-Start to Dynamesh Part 2

This easy-to-follow in-depth beginner's guide to ZBrush's extremely powerful Dynamesh functionality is all you need to get you up and running in very little time! ZBrush is an incredible program and one I'm firmly in love with. It can also be rather complex at first. A Recent Testimonial: "Your Dynamesh series is fantastic: Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you for making your Dynamesh tutorial series, it was INCREDIBLY helpful! And it wasn't so drawn out like many tutorials are, I loved it, and learned so much. I hope you do more tutorials in the future, but even if you don't, you taught me so much in such a short time, I wish I'd paid you more than $10 for it, I just wasn't sure at first, sorry. Again, thanks so much for making it, and keep up the good work!" - L.M. For full description and topics covered please follow to this link: http://claudiosetti.com/quick-start-to-dynamesh/
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