Zbrush Sculpting The Female Form (No Symmetry)

Having trouble sculpting the female form in Zbrush? Always wanted to sculpt a beautiful female pin-up but aren't getting the natural looking results you want? Does the thought of sculpting without symmetry make you sweat?? Sculpting female characters can be a challenge but it doesn't have to be a scary process. In this first course we will learn tricks and methodologies adopted from traditional sculpting in creating a female figure without the use of symmetry using Dynamesh. As an additional bonus to the video you get the ZTool File, The ZProject File as well as a turnaround image of the figure to use as reference. ~1 Hour 49 min long. 1280 X 1024 Pay What You Want: So whether you want to treat me to a cup of coffee ($5), a nice steak dinner ($20), or anything in between (including just taking it for free), it’s totally up to you. Every dollar goes straight back into creating more stuff for you guys. Thank you SO much for supporting my work! -Claudio
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